Ausdroid was originally started by a group of robot enthusiasts in the University of Melbourne in 2017, which had excellent performance during ICRA 2018 and ICRA 2019.

In late 2019, Ausdroid was successfully affiliated with Graduate Student Association of the University of Melbourne, becoming an officially registered university club.

Due to the restrictions by the unimelb under CONVID-19, we only have limited events. We are looking for opportunities for hosting more events (preferable offline) in the future. If you have any suggestions, you are more than welcome to contact us.


We will host workshops for development and experimenting on the robots for both hardware and software team. Due to CONVID-19 and university policy, we are not allowed to host any offline events on campus. So, currently (2020 S2), we only host minimum number of Zoom workshops online, which you can find recording in this link here.

Uni Open Day

As one team supported by CIS, we took the responsibility to promote ourselves to the public on the University Open Day to attract more future students and cooperations. The team has successfully presented and gain a lot of interests on the Uni Open Day since 2018. Unfortunately in 2020, the Uni Open Day switched to online without any show cases or presentation of projects. To find out more about us on the Uni Open day by this link.

Technical Reading Group Meeting

Both software team and hardware team will take turns to present their finding about latest techniques that can be useful and implemented on the robots. The process is presenting the idea to the group and discuss it among the group. So that the presenter will have the chance to look the topic on a different perspectives, while the attendance will gain basic knowledge about the topic.

Field Tests

Since we are a student group work with robots, field tests will be a important part. Although we still cannot enter the campus based on the current uni restrictions, we have already explore a few options with uni: Telstra Creator Space for basic functionality testing, warehouse in Heidelberg for field test, tec. And we are currently working on the option to bring the robot home.