2021 ICRA RoboMaster University AI Challenge

ABOUT the Final of ai challenge

Conventional Centre • Xi’An• China

The AI challenge using autonomous agents for a shooting and strategy game. Each team competed in groups and the best of 8 enters the elimination phase to compete for the final champions. Under the current COVID-19 travelling restriction, most of the international teams cannot attend the competition in person. Therefore, they were assessed by the committee with the report and the video.

The competition

Sample Matches

To Be Continued …


The Team was found in November 2020. The team compensated by students from all various degrees, such as bachelor’s, masters, PhDs, and even students from trinity college. 

Under the COVID-19 restriction, the team still kept up the progress of the development off-campus. During the preparation, the campus is closed most of the time. The development becomes extremely hard, especially for a team that aimed to participate in a physical robotic contest. Despite all the difficulties, the team still managed to qualified the world-final and awarded the thrid-price.

We would like to thank the core members (Guang Hu, Webb Bing, Yiping Qian) for their hard work since the beginning, and acknowledge the contribution from the rest of the team (Isaac Pedroza Aguirre, Xiaofeng Zhang, Ningjing Wang, Ryan Chang, Yangmengfei Xu, Hualong Deng, Zheyu Liu, Wennong Cai, Yiran Shen, Xiaotian Li).