ABOUT the Final of ai challenge

Conventional Centre • Brisbane • Australia

This was the first AI challenge using autonomous agents for a shooting and strategy game. Each team competed against the official robots and they were ranked according to their highest score out of the 4 matches of the competition. Although the aim of the match was to explore different AI solutions in the algorithm level, most of the teams still take advantage from the hardware design (such as gimbal 360° rotation).

The Trip


To Be Continued …


The Trip started from the University of Melbourne. Due to the limitation on the funding (we funded ourselves in the first year), we have to drive from Melbourne to Brisbane (2 days, 1,800km).

The Preparation has to be done before each game. For 3 days, the team joined the match on the day, and adjusted the algorithms and robot at night, in order to flexible and competitive in the challenge. Eventually, the team ranked 18th world-wise (the best team in Oceania).

To Be Continued, to preserve our knowledge and experiences, we aimed to participate in the next year’s challenge.