The Ausdroid student group mainly focuses on the learning, experimenting and developing knowledge and experiences from participation in ICRA DJI RoboMaster AI Challenge. 

We also participated in other competition which are related with AI or robotics, such as MathWorks Minidrone Competitions.


In past three years, the RoboMaster AI challenge was held in ICRA (International Conference of Robotics and Automation). 

MathWorks Minidrone Competitions

Path recognition and planning for drones. The participants will design a line follower algorithm for a drone using Simulinks.


  • ICRA 2018 AI Challenge, Finalist Award, for demonstrating robot’s capability and getting into the final (Brisbane, Australia).
  • ICRA 2019 AI Challenge, Third Awards, for getting into the final and ranking 16th among all other teams world-widely.