Who We Are?


Ausdroid was originally started by a group of robot enthusiasts in the University of Melbourne in 2017, which had excellent performance during ICRA 2018 and ICRA 2019.

In late 2019, Ausdroid was successfully affiliated with Graduate Student Association of the University of Melbourne, becoming an officially registered university club.

ICRA 2018

The team was self-funded. By demonstrating our comprehensive research in the project proposal, we successfully won one DJI sponsored AI robot hardware. Although the team was newly formed with nearly zero experience on any RoboMaster projects, we still managed to pass the final report elimination with great effort and attended the challenge in ICRA2018, Brisbane, Australia. 


ICRA 2019

With success qualification experiences in ICRA 2018, the team was funded by School of Computing and Information Systems, Engineering, The University of Melbourne. And for the first time, with the support from Master of IT department, we have two groups of students worked on this challenge as enrollment for MIT Research/Computing Projects (25 points). The team qualified the final on April, and succeeded into ICRA 2019 in Montreal, Canada, on May. With more time and resources, we have two functioning robots entering the competition. To check the functionalities of our robots, please click here